Extensive guide: 3 full steps how to fall asleep on a plane

The people who travel very frequent know that it is quite a challenge to fall asleep during your flight. There is no problem if it is a short one – 1-2 hours, but in case it is longer, I am literally going crazy! I am running out of activities (and battery), there is no internet, (obviously we are going for a budget trip, so we are using the low cost flights) and I just want to relax for some time. Trying to fall asleep, but not managing can really create a headache. The buzzing sound of the machine, low space, baby crying somewhere, bad food and coffee, no internet and dimmed light making it painful to read a book… on top of that some turbulence that keeps our stress levels up and swallow feet due to decompression. I certainly prefer to fall asleep if I can. So I decided to research what can help me, speak with flight stuff and share what I found.

1. Before the flight

First get ready with proper clothes. I remember when I traveled to Thailand I decided for a first time to buy clothes specifically for the flight (since it was like 16 hrs. all together). Then I saw how much more comfortable I feel when I put my special fighting clothes. I have a black skinny shirt, and high waist very wide pants. They are both looking cool together and very comfy. We all know how our body swelling from the decompression, which means that we need comfy socks and shoes as well.

Second, get ready with a flight tool kit. Prepare a kit for your trips which will save you headache.

My kit includes:

Thirdly, make sure that you choose the seat next to the window. Not only that gives you nice view, but also it is the best place while trying to relax during flight. You all know all this budget friendly flights are very low on space, so this seat is the only one that can give you a little bit more comfortability.

2. During flight

Let’s try to make yourself feel like home, without bothering any other person.

I would recommend eating a snack. It is better to prefer it yourself or to buy it from somewhere before the flight. I find the food on the plane really terrible, dissatisfying and will certainty make u feel even more hungry.

We can take out our shoes, just make sure that does not bother anyone 🙂 even better suggestion: have a extra pack of socks with you for the flight. The last thing we want is to receive a complaint about a bad smell in from of at least 4-10 people.

Put the glasses on. 😀 This way you do not look chatty. At least this is how I avoid continuous conversations. There are many chatty passengers around, which is alright but not when we are trying to relax. The dark glasses will relax your eyes, and get you ready to fall asleep like you are at home with curtains down.

Get your spray out and without bothering the passenger around you, keep your face hydrated and clean. I get pimples when I travel with a plane, and the spray truly helped me.

3. Falling asleep.

As the flying stuff say, up in the clouds: “put your seat belt, sit back and relax”.
Do not worry if you get just few minutes of sleep, sometimes this is all we need. Do not push your eyes and whole body to fall asleep again, that leads only to headache. Make sure you have downloaded Netflix TV shows or Game of thrones, and if you run out of battery, that is the time to open the book. After a short nap, you brain is refreshed and you will enjoy it more + that is another reason to sit next to the window;)

I wish I could provide more pictures of me falling asleep, but they were always looking weird so you get the idea.

People think that travelling with a plane is just a regular way to move from one place to another, but I think it is related with a lot of stress, and it is much more uncomfortable comparing to other vehicles. It is the fastest though, but I think in order to enjoy it more we definitely need some good preparation.

Let me know if you like my guide or you have more ideas.

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9 tricks to spend less during holiday

Since I give my tips for travelling on a budget but comfortable, you will not find any recommendation for hostels, couch surfing, hitch-hiking, etc. Today I will share my ideas how to minimize the costs via small and simple tricks that we usually do not focus on.

1. Good preparation

Preparation for the trip is the key to a good budget. People ask me how I manage to travel so often, and now I will share my simple secret.


I arrange my free days first. I plan when the next holidays is much in advance, which allows me to check the cheapest destinations ever. For example, I know most of my holidays until the end of December 2018! That leads to the next step…

Check the fly tickets for this days to everywhere. What I do is to compare the tickets for these days to`everywhere` through scyscanner.net and choose the cheapest ones. I got most of my deals for around 100 EUR, (many of them 15, 30 and 50 EUR and few of them 100, 130). I do not spend more than that on flight tickets.

Check the accommodation costs in the area before you book anything. Before you buy the flight tickets, check the accommodation via Booking.com. You do not want to book a 30 EUR flight to Switzerland and to end up paying a fortune for a hotel.

Calculate the sigh-seeing costs roughly. The last step is to calculate the sightseeing that you want to visit and then you are left with the calculation for shopping and going out. Voila!

I know it sounds a lot of work, but all that is done within 15 min., once you have the free dates 😉

2. Ask the locals

I always ask my colleagues for tips and recommendations, however if you do not have such a diverse team and colleagues, you can find a friend, friend of a friend BEFORE you go there. And of course, it does not hurt to ask around when you arrive there. But DO ASK the locals. Few days are enough to make you spend a fortune if you go to the wrong places.


3. Make a budget plan (and stick to it)

I am (most of the time) very strict with my budget plan but if you are not like that when you make your plan, put some extra 50-80 EUR for something that can come up and you want to buy. Just be strict with yourself, you are already spoiled enough with the trip 😉

4. Avoid breakfast outside

That is my favourite meal of the day, and it is extremely nice to go out and enjoy the nice view. But hey, you can still do it over a cup of coffee, avoiding 25 EUR for breakfast! If I want to go really on a budget, I avoid it and have some groceries to prepare a sandwich. I prefer to go out for lunch and dinner and enjoy music and maybe a party, then having the breakfast.

5. Travel with hand luggage
I know many people who use the low-cost companies but then add the luggage. I mean… it is needless! What you need to do is to prepare your clothes properly, arrange it and take as less as possible. It is all about the good preparation. How many of us took lots of clothes on a holiday and did not wear half of it? Save your money for unused clothes.

6. Do not spend money on clothes before the trip so you can enjoy shopping there

Small tip to save up money. I know it is tempting to spend money on clothes thinking how you will wear it on your holiday, but push away those feelings and save it for the trip. I bought my favourite clothes from different cities around the world.

7. Avoid drinking (fancy) cocktails

The alcohol is what makes us spent a fortune going out in the evenings. I am always tempted to experience some nice cocktails on the beach, and I am also a fan of strawberry mojito, but if you want to go on a budget you can minimize it and have wine instead.


8. Check for discount cards or sightseeing cards that include many of them

Make a good research for the sightseeing cards and deals, museum cards, and possible options to see as much as you can for less. There are many combo tickets that you would not know about without asking locals or making one good research. I used 3 museums for the price of 1 in Nice!

9. Take a bottle of water in your bag
A bottle of water in Amsterdam starts from 2,69 EUR to 3 and 4 EUR. I mean we can save this money when we travel and it is so simple. Just make sure you have an empty bottle. Stay hydrated 😉

I hope my tips help you and I am sure we all know them but the point is that we do not focus that much and we end up loosing at least 100 EUR extra, because of that.

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4 things you can do in Sofia like a local

I will share with you how my last visit back home went and what are the places I chose to visit. This trip started in Sofia, so today I will tell you what I did back home for a couple of days in Sofia!

For the people who have never visited Sofia – guys those places are obviously not that touristic (at least not the most famous sightseeings) and you definitely need to include them in your trip list. And for the people who are from Sofia – let me know whether you visited those places and which are your favorite activities in the city.

Some information for my city:
With its 7 millennia, Sofia is one of the oldest cities in Europe, that will surprise you with stunning views of the famous ski mountain Vitosha.

Surrounded by parks and great nature, Sofia offers modern boutiques and shopping centres, ancient ruins at every corner, wide open squares, one of the best museums in eastern Europe and truly hectic nightlife that won`t let you be bored.

What can you do in Sofia as a local, going back home?

1. Morning coffee at Vitosha Boulevard.
That is one of the main boulevards in Sofia, and it offers a great view of Vitosha mountain one side and the other of the city centre.

I walk usually from Serdika metro station all the way to the National Palace of Culture (NDK). It is like 10-15 minutes walk if you do not stop at any store. It is full of bars, stores, cafes, restaurants. You will enjoy the fact that it`s pedestrian street, tree-lined with an amazing atmosphere. Having a coffee at Vitosha Boulevard is peaceful but still in one of the most lively parts of the city.

2. Having lunch at `The View`
It is a place where you will find gorgeous view of Vitosha mountain in front of your nose and city center view on the other side. This place has an amazing terrace and going around it, you will find a view of the different parts of Sofia. I feel like we are so lucky to have Vitosha mountain right next to the city which allows you to have an escape in nature for literally few minutes drive. At The View, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the sun on the terrace, have a nice meal, and make amazing pictures. I recommend you to go there for lunch, or dinner (especially if it is a romantic date). You will spend a lot of time in taking pictures (even not being a blogger) but it is all worth it. I loved it, and I am so much looking forward for the next time I go back home and visit it.

3. Having Dinner at `Tavan`
I heard so much about this place, that I had to visit it once I am back home. That is another restaurant with great view and terrace. Firstly, we arrived there, and we were heading directly to the terrace, however, the stuff stopped us because it was getting cold outside. We were already at the place, so we decided to stay inside. We did not have dinner there, however if you decide to go, I strongly recommend it for a dinner!

The view is great, and the food is good as well, however, I consider it a bit overpriced. The atmosphere is more classy, and you will need to dress up a bit. I had a dessert and a drink, and since I am a sweet tooth person and I always try desserts at a different place, I can say that the essence of that dessert was a bit too much and it was not as great as it looked like. My friend had a very nice salad with calamari and arugula, and I can fully recommend it to you.

4. Taking my time in the city for pictures.
If I have time (and usually I do not), l like to walk around and take pictures of the city on a sunny day. Sofia is beautiful and can offer so many different and amazing views. Here are some of the places I went to:

This is what I did in my couple of days in my home – Sofia. You can include it in your list, in case you visit Sofia, as a local 😉

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6 of the best places to eat in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is such a lively city where you can find all different cuisines on a great level. You can choose between hip places, terraces on the canals, cocktail bars on rooftops, Michelin star restaurants, basically everything you want. I will share with you my top 6 places, that are at good prices. My list includes both – meat lovers and my vegan foodies. Do not be surprised that all of them are foreign cuisine… there is not really a Dutch typical food.

1. Bazaar
Bazaar is an Eastern fairy tale 🙂 It is basically a re-done church! It is very vivid, authentic place with fabulous chandeliers, exotic music, hand painted wall decoration, an enormous menu from far East and North Africa. It is at a great location in the heart of the city, next to Albert Cuyp and what I will recommend you to try is: `Dàndè, grilled mildly marinated veal spareribs (± 700gr.) with barbecue sauce, fried potatoes and lawash` Price – 15,90 EUR. For a dessert, I can recommend you the most amazing cheesecake I have ever tried with… DATES! Yes, cheesecake with dates! The baklava is also very good, and nearly the same as if you eat it in Turkey. I definitely recommend this place – unique atmosphere and great authentic food!

2. Cafe de Klos
I heard many stories that people come to Amsterdam only to eat in Cafe de Klos. I can see why! If you are a meat lover – they have the most amazing recipe for spare ribs, developed for many years. The atmosphere is friendly and lively, the portions are enormous and cocked really delicious. The waiting time for Cafe de Klos is around 45 min, so they re-direct you to their bar across the street and then a waiter come to pick you up from the bar when your table is ready. I recommend the smoked ribs, a buttery baked-jacket potato, and a small salad. The lady’s ribs are more than enough for 1 person. You will speed around 22 EUR with one beer per person.

3. Los Pilones Cantina Mexico
Mexican food, in a cozy small place and if the weather is good you can also sit outside and have the nice view of Nieuwmarkt. I would recommend you to take a Mexican beer, Nachos (around 10 EUR), enchiladas (17,70EUR) or Quesadillas (9,70 EUR).

4. Tia Rosa
Tia Rosa is a more classy place with amazing service and great quality of the food. That is a Spanish tapas restaurant so you will need to order around 3 dishes per person since they are very small. If you are sharing with someone, you will be able to taste around 6 dishes. I would recommend: patatas bravas (5,50 EUR), two grilled seasoned hamburgers (8 EUR, they are amazing), caramelized chicken (9,50 EUR), and if you go with fish options: pastry with salmon and cream cheese (12,20 EUR), fried calamari (8,25 EUR) and king prawns (14,75 EUR). The wine is great and the atmosphere just makes you stay longer and order more, I recommend Tia Rosa for a date night 🙂

5. Toastable
This is one great place for breakfast, very small and cosy, perfect for morning coffee, juice and amazing toasty. Toastable have great varieties of toasties at very good prices. Sometimes I bring my laptop there and research stuff for my blog. They are famous with their triple-layered toasties but if you are a fan of croissant, they have delicious `crostini` with ham and cheese. I would recommend triple layered toasty Double cheese(order it with tomato) (5,00 EUR).

6. Mr and Mrs Watson
That is a vegan restaurant with a great look and delicious menu. Mr and Mrs Watson certainly managed to make the vegan food more attractive and accessible. It is a newly opened restaurant, which is quickly getting popularity in the city and it is always full. The cheese platter is great (made of nuts paste) and I would definitely recommend you the eggplant waffles. Main dish – I recommend you the lasagna, made of zucchini, sweet potatoes, many other vegetables with aioli. It is very delicious and filling. The dessert was one of the best tiramisu I have ever tried! It is worth trying it. The dinner there (with a glass of wine) will cost around 35 EUR.

I have many more places I would like to share with you and I will prepare more posts for food in Amsterdam very soon!

One important thing: The service in Holland is not always great. Many times you need to wait a long time for your food and it is normal if they take someone else`s order before yours who actually arrived after you. Just be patient 🙂

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8 things for budget friendly trip to Nice, France

Warning! South of France is not famous for cheap resorts and budget-friendly places. However, you can definitely organize a budget trip to Nice without compromising the quality of your vacation.

1. Flight tickets & accommodation

My flight tickets cost 66 EUR from Amsterdam and the accommodation 120 EUR per person, double room via Booking.com. This made my trip already on a budget! Reasonable flight tickets are up to 120-150 EUR to Nice. And of course, avoid the peak season (July – August) when it is very expensive to fly there and also very crowded. The airport is very accessible to the city, only 6 km away, 6 EUR bus ticket.

Important to mention: usually my flights with Transavia go smoothly. However this time, my return flight (Nice-Amsterdam) got canceled due to strikes and I ended up paying 207 EUR for a new flight. If you want to avoid this situation, maybe you should consider having a travel insurance.

2. Visit Villa Massena.

I always like to visit house museums in different countries which gives me a great idea of the wealthy life of the locals back in centuries. This one is more of a museum than a house. Mostly you will be able to see the amazing paintings of Nice, uniforms, swords, jewels, and photographs, enough to keep you interested for an hour or more.

If you have a student card – the entrance is 6 EUR, otherwise, it is 10 EUR. The good thing is that you enter many other museums with this ticket in the next 24 hours.

3. Visit MAMAC museum

As it was rainy, we decided to make use of the ticket we already bought. I must say that MAMAC museum is not for everyone – It is a modern museum and I must admit that many times I needed a description of the exponents I was looking at. I almost got a fine for touching a blue square filled in with some kind of sand. Well, at the end I got out of it, but bottom line – do not touch anything there 🙂

Something you don`t want to miss in MAMAC museum is the amazing city view on the rooftop terrace!

Since you can use the same ticket for other museums, I recommend also visiting the Archaeological Museum. It will give you great insights of the city.

4. Visit Cours Saleya Market in the Old Town

Nice has many markets, but this one is the most popular. The prices for food there are very reasonable. My advice to you is to focus on different types of authentic French quiche and Mediterranean fresh fish. They have many sandwiches, and baked stuff, however as a person who is very picky to sandwiches, I would say – focus on the quiche! Try also their figs. You can buy around 10 for 3 EUR and they are really delicious.

Other stuff you can have a look on the market are soups, flowers, antiques, collectibles and fascinating French bric-a-brac.

5. Visit The Nice Chateau/Castle Hill

There is no castle there, but a hill that can give you a lifetime memorable view. There are ancient ruins that are the only left signs from the conquered castle a long time ago. If you want a breathtaking view from Nice – here is the place.

6. Beach time

You can visit the beach in Nice, however, take care because it is a very rocky beach. You will need special shoes and mat. If you are like me and you love the sandy beaches – then take the train, 2 stops away in direction Monaco and you will find a beautiful sandy beach. The train will cost only 3,50 return ticket.

7. Try the street food from the old town

I tried the restaurants, I tried bars but yet my favorite was the street food at the end of the old town. What I tried was stuffed vegetables with minced meat and cheese, fried sardines in a dough, quiche with spinach. In the restaurants, I tried mussels, two different types of pasta and gnocchi with Gorgonzola, grilled veggies, and chicken.

8. Take the train around the city

If you are tired walking, the little train will give you great views around the old town of Nice. It may be is touristic but it will save you time and orientate you in the old town. The ride is 45 min, and it cost 10 EUR. Furthermore, you can make amazing photos on the way, since it is not moving that fast anyway.

What I did not like?

Nice is famous for its ice cream. Honestly, the queue for ice cream was 20 min long and there were so many different types of ice cream, that I became 100 times hungrier. However, I tasted 3 types and my friend`s one. I did not like any of them so much that I will recommend it to anyone, or I will pay again for that. To be fair, I am very picky on ice cream. My all-time favorite ice cream is Raffy (that I can find in Bulgaria) and one Italian brand (tried in Venice, at the train station) but I can`t recall the name now.

That was my Nice story 🙂 Let me know if you visited Nice and whether my tips were helpful. Follow these tips and you will have enough things to do for 3 days in Nice.

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You want a brake of the beach destinations? Visit the spectacular Lake Como in Italy

Guys, we all know where we are heading usually in the peak of the summer. I chose 3 times beach vacations for this year as well! However, if you want to see something different than a beach destination, I have a suggestion for you – Lake Como, Italy.

That is the pearl of North Italy, and I definitely recommend you to check why this is one of the most famous lakes in the country. I will share with you my 3 things that impressed me the most, during my vacation there and then I will share the activities I have done there also what I did not like so it can help you organize an incredible trip there.

Firstly, let me tell you, that this is another destination of my list that you can easily reach on a good budget.

How to get there? If you are taking a flight – the nearest airport is Milan, where we landed. Then we rented a car and drove to the lake (that is how you can also see all the little places around the whole Lake.) In case you do not want to rent a car, you can easily take the train from Milan and it will take you around 40 min or the direct buses from Bergamo airport to one of the towns around the lake.

Next, I want to share my tips for organizing a better trip, than mine and my 3 reasons to choose exactly this destination:

1. The magnificent views that you will never forget

It is simply not possible and never enough to RECORD with a camera or phone all the beauty that Lake Como has to offer. This place is like taken from one of those cheesy romantic movies that we`ve been watching when we were young, where two girls go on holiday and randomly bumped into the love of their lives. And of course, the view, the food, the smell of cheese, sunset walks and a romantic boat trip are making all that possible.

If you do not want to miss any of those spectacular, cute romantic views, follow the list of places I visit and activities I did and you won`t make a mistake. Here is the list of activities I and my friends decided to do there:

Checking the cute small towns around the whole Lake:
Ice Cream Party

Enjoying the views and taking photos of the breathtaking views is only one part of what you are going to during your visit at Como. We had sunny days where we managed to drive through the small towns along the lake (the plus of having a car). However, we had some rainy days and rainy days and that was not a problem as we managed to hide from the heavy rain of the mountains into the museums and historical churches.

Visiting the Museo della Fine della Guerra in Dongo

This museum is not strong on artifacts, however, is beautifully designed. What you can see there is old newspapers, automatic riffle, and videos, showing the closing period of World War II. Something that will make you remember this museum is that this is the place where they captured Mussolini

Visiting Villa Carlotta in Loc. Tremezzo, Como

You can spend around 1,5 hours here, enjoying the beautiful interior of Villa Carlotta and its amazing garden. There are many flowers here, and the perfect timing to visit is spring or early summer.
You can find masterpieces on the first floor of the villa from the 18th century and the second was bought of Princess Marianne of the Netherlands as a wedding present for her daughter Carlotta. There you can have a look at the furniture.

It is a beautiful place, and you won`t regret visiting.

Boat trip

The best option for a boat trip is the public ferry. You can make a daily trip to another town with the ferry and enjoy the nicest views from thw water. You can check some routes here.

The `plus` is that you can take your car as well!

Visiting Piona Abbey

The route to the Abbey is very picturesque and the views of Lake Como are spectacular. It is very beautiful inside, Gothic style with the wonderful cloister. The small park with olive trees makes it very relaxing. There is a small gallery and in the Abbey’s you can buy good wine, liqueurs, honey, candies, health products, jams made by the monks in the monastery.

It is a great experience and I definitely recommend you to visit it. Just take care to put a longer skirt. I was wearing a short dress, and I was not allowed to stay even in the shops for a long time.

Beach day at Lecco

The last day we decided that we are going to spend on the beach. We found a place where it has a swimming pool, but also a beach near the lake. I actually went swimming in the Lake, even though it was a little cold. That was my first swim in a Lake and it is much different than sea or ocean. You definitely should try swimming in Lake Como. The water is clean and not extremely cold. And, of course, we had a gorgeous view. One thing that was missing – any type of Frappuccino, or cold summer cocktail that I am used to drink on the beach… not that much of a deal, but I felt like saying it.

There are many swimming pools around the Lake, just pick one and spend a day on the beach.

2. Here is where the fashion matters

Every country has its own style and way of wearing clothes. Depending on the place, people can be more pretentious with the fashion trends or more casual. In some places high heels, smoked eye make up and hair pulled up during the day, is unlikely to be seen, unless very special occasion. When in other places, you can meet people walking around, drinking coffee, and snacking in this outfit. Well, Lake Como is happiness for the eye of the fashion enthusiasts. I saw well dressed ladies, with nicely done make up, hair and overall their style was very fashionable. If you are one of those people, who like to dress up nicely on a holiday (not only comfortable), you can certainly do it in Lake Como. That does not mean that you would feel uncomfortable in case you choose very casual style. We are tourists after all, and Como has many of us. I do not have pictures for this reason of mine, but I guess you get the idea.

3. In case you want to run into a celebrity – here is the place

May be it is not a secret for you guys, that many celebrities choose to buy a house exactly there, because of the astonishing view. Some of the famous people who you can meet there are: George Clooney, Madonna, John Kerry, Sylvester Stallone, Ronaldinho, Richard Branson, Gianni, Versace, Matthew Bellamy. They do choose this Lake for a reason!

And lastly – what we did not like and what you can do better than us:

The truth is, that we did not like the food there. But I have to admit, that we had really bad luck with finding available good restaurants. Like I told you before, our group love to check restaurants and start planning the lunch and dinners hours before we go, and we almost always use tripadvisor. Now, what we did not know is that we either have to go to those places earlier or to make a reservation. We thought we can simply go at the restaurant, wait a bit and get a table (like in Amsterdam, when we do not have a reservation). It turns out that we have to make a reservation up front, which for us was always, hard because we were around the Lake all day and it was hard to decide which place, we are going to visit next. My advice is: ask the locals, ask tripadvisor and make a reservation at lunch for the dinner! That will save you not only time, but dissatisfaction of your spent money for low quality food on a touristic restaurant.

Those were my tips, and impressions of the amazing Lake Como. If I can, I would definitely visit it again. I love mountains and lakes, it is totally different experience then sea or ocean vacation and it will definitely recharge you so you are ready to go back to work.

Thank you for visiting and
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Breathtaking Balkans: 4 facts that will make you visit the ancient city Sozopol

If you haven`t given a chance to the Balkans until now, Sozopol is the first reason to do it.
That is one of the most ancient cities in Bulgaria. Its age is around 6000 years old. But that is not the reason I strongly recommend you to visit it. Here is why:

1. Budget!
Guys, the Balkans are your perfect choice for holiday if you are thinking about your budget! Now, after Spain, my next choice for beach holiday is moving to Bulgaria, Black sea. That is my third summer vacation, so I am definitely focussed on my budget.

Let`s start with the flight tickets. I bought mine in March for 120 EUR. In late June, the tickets dropped to 50 EUR. So you can easily fly to Sofia, using Ryanair, Transavia or Wizz Air on the price of a dinner in Amsterdam. From Sofia, you can take a bus to Sozopol or rent a car.

Next – the accommodation and food costs. The accommodations are relatively cheap (around 35 EUR for a double room, however, you can get it cheaper if you book in advance, or higher if you want some perks), but you certainly will be nicely surprised by the food costs, drinks and parking and of course the quality of the food.

2. Sozopol is one of the most charming places on the Balkans

It is believed that the Black Sea was named after the terrible, sudden heavy storms that forced the ships to stay in the harbor. Sozopol was a natural shelter for sailors, as the sea here is mostly calm and the weather is wonderful.

This place simply got my heart. It has a special spirit coming from the preserved local feel. Walking around more than 200 ancient houses, built 17-19th century, I felt like going back into time, while I was passing women selling jam, corn, hand made clothes, hats, socks from their own houses. When visiting the archaeological museum, I learned that the lower floor of those houses is originally built for stores to keep nets and other fishing inventory. Now, they are transformed into small shops, coffees, galleries or hotels.

3. The hospitality of the locals

Yep, they are very hospitable. If you need anything in a restaurant, they will do everything possible to get it for you, even to go buy it from the competitors. I got help and extra help for everything I needed to arrange, from sightseeings to simple errands like hair dresser, navigating me in the city etc. People were just nice, relaxed and chatty.

4. Not overcrowded town with variety of activities
Sozopol gives you peaceful feeling, but in the same time full of life place. There is a cute town center with cable streets, where you can taste good ice creams and cakes. Special attention to the cakes here! They are absolutely amazing, and so many different kinds, that it is hard to choose.

Then the beach, lined with restaurants and bars, mostly offering traditional Bulgarian cuisine, and also cater for fast food appetite. The streets and beaches are not overcrowded both at night and day.

Here is the list of activities I did during my 6 day holiday:

Boat trip. You can easily take a 1 hour boat trip. It will give you breathtaking views (because of the rocks around the peninsula), that are visible better from the boat and it is really relaxing. You can also take a boat trip on Ropotamo river, which coastline is sandy and form enormous dunes where you can see the rare water lilies.

Ravadinovo castle. There is no historical value of this castle, but if you a fan of fairy tales and want to see stunning views – this place will take you on a magical tour in the old world of legends. It is set beautifully on a lake with amazing gardens around, and it will take you around 2-3 hours to see it all. You can visit the art gallery there, spend some time horse riding, try an escape room, drink a cup of coffee with stunning view and of course take many many pictures (exactly like I did). I definitely recommend you to see that!

Museum (in my case – on a rainy day). I had 1 stormy day so I used to learn something new about the history of this ancient city. The archaeological museum of Sozopol is small but very well organized. You can spend like 30-40 min there. It will give you great insights on the history and development of Sozopol, about its first name – Apollonia, how it became an independent city-state and then later the first democratic state of the territory of Bulgaria.

Shopping: I love the rose oil products, that are 100% natural, without parabens and among the best rose oil worldwide. I recommend you to take some of those products, at extremely low prices, compared to the expensive brands from other countries. I bought a soap, eye serum, and lip balm. You can take a look also at the leather coats, they are at reasonable prices.

I recommend visiting the ancient churches in Sozopol. It is worth visiting: the church St Georgi (330 a.C.), St. Zoslim (19th century), deep down in the ground Virgin Mary (15th century), St. Cyril and Methodius, which attracts many tourists because of the relics of St. John the Baptist lies there.

In case you have some more time you can also try:

A day trip to Nessebar. You can take a boat to Nessebar for around 15 EUR, 45 min. You will walk around Nessebar, and come back. It is definitely worth seeing, however, I would rather spend few days there.

Aquapark Neptun.
If you like Aquaparks, then right next to Ravadinovo castle, you will find aquapark Neptun. The entrance is 18 EUR for adults for the whole day, there are also prices for half day and kids. It is a good idea if you want a change from the beach view.

If you go there in late August or September, you can also visit the famous Apollonia festivals, however, I have to warn you – the city will be packed.

That is my second story in more than few words! I haven`t been to the Bulgarian sea side for years, but because I work in the travel industry I know all about it. Sozopol is one of the favorite destinations for Russian, German and Scandinavian tourists and after I saw it, mine as well. You will find beautiful views on a rainy or sunny day and always something to do without being in overcrowded place. Let me know your impression of Sozopol, or whether you are planning to visit it soon.

Till next time