Why do you need to visit Halkidiki Sithonia, Greece instead of the Greek islands

Who did not dream of vacation in Greece so far? Well if you haven`t, then you should check the pictures below first 😉

The good news are that you can actually organize it on a budget, and you do not need to travel necessarily to one of their thousands of islands. You do not need to spend a fortune for a fly ticket (like 250 EUR) as well. You can actually make your trips in Greece on a budget with amazing quality where you will not need to compromise a thing.

Here I am with the promised article for Sithonia, Halkidki, Greece, after your voted on my Instagram @lostinpollyland to have 2 different artickles for the places I visited in Greece this summer. Let`s start with how you can reach Halkidiki.

Where is Sithonia and how can you go there?

Sithonia is in the middle of the Halkidiki peninsula and described as the most beautiful sleeve of the three.

All the Bulgarians go there by car, which takes approximately around 4 hours from Sofia. The roads in Greece are really good, and with a GPS it is pretty easy to find your way around.

If you are flying to Greece and for everyone who is not traveling from Bulgaria –
my flights to Greece were… 80 EUR! You have to fly to the nearest airport which is Thessaloniki. The airport is small and all the low coast companies fly to Thessaloniki. I used Ryanair from Eindhoven, Holland, and I was very happy with the price because it was July, in the beginning of the peak summer season. However at this moment, I would not recommend you to use Ryanair anymore, due to their numerous strikes, and flight issues. In any case, you can find much cheaper tickets to Thesaloniki than to the island for example. As usual, use skyscanner.

You will definitely need a car in Greece, or you will be stuck to only 1 place for the whole vacation. I recommend you to rent a car from here: link

However always check what your flight company offers you for car rentals.

Why Sithonia?

I visit two of the sleeves in Halkidiki, and I can say that they are both absolutely beautiful, but Sithonia was less crowded and showed many small, sheltered emerald beaches than Kassandra did. It has 92 beaches, which is pretty impressing. If you drive 2-3 km you will find a new beach and a new one and the next one. There is always a choice.

Beaches I visited in Sithonia and I recommend you to visit:

Lagomandra Beach




Coviou beach




Kalogria Beach

These 3 are enough for 5 days staying there, because I am sure you will fall in love with them and you would like to visit them second and third time.

More Beaches in case you still would like to visit different places every day.

Orange beach;
Sarti beach;
Kriaritsi beach.

Here is a really good map of the beaches with great pictures and videos of all of them: Link

Which village shell I choose to book my hotel?


Once you see the beaches, you can decide where do you want to stay, so you can be close to them. I staid in Neos Marmaras. It is amazing village with nightlife, restaurants, shops but also really close to all the beautiful beaches (by car).
I certainly recommend you the village and I can share with you which property I choose to stay in: Aria’s House Studios & Apartments.

What can you eat in Sithonia?

I would advice you to focus on the fish and vegetables when visiting Greece. If you live in Bulgaria, than the difference in the taste of veggies will not be that big, but if you live abroad, and go to Greece, even the tomatoes would seem that are “sprinkled with sugar” as we say it. 😀

The fish is fresh and absolutely amazing. Since I am a foodie person, and a I love grilled fish, I can conclude that in Halkidiki they prepaired the fish the best way with amazing spices.

Food I would suggest to try there:

Try octopous, since this is really a specialty in Sithonia. I am not that big fan of octopus, but worth to order it once.

Dorada, because it is amazing.

Eggplant salad


Restaurants I reccomend: Fish Tavern o Harris
A stunning view, and absoutely great fresh fish, I went there 2 times and I fully reccomend you to tat at least once. In this place, focus on the fish and not on pasta (with sea food etc).

The desserts are for free, usually are fruits or chocolate pancake.
For breakfast, I almost always took yogurt with fruits, so I can`t suggest too many things, but they have a pastry with cheese which remains me of Banica, so you can certainly take that.
Try their cookies shops. They have cookies per grams, so if you see such a place, stop and take some. They are amazing.

The service

I live in Holland, and customer service is not really a thing here, so when I went to Greece, I felt like I am in a 5 star resort all the time. They are really nice, positive people with an eye to details, taking care of you having the greatest possible holiday.

The weather

Halkidiki is sunny, and if you are like me and you like booking half an year/an year in advance, then you can pretty much be safe if you book in July, August and September.

If you like to check the weather, you can do it from here.

What to buy from Sithonia:

Of course, you can not miss the famous olive oil. Take o.3% extra vergin. If you are flying with Ryianair, then you do not have a lot of luggage and you can buy small bottles, specifically for taking on the plane for you or for a present.
Uzo, which I am not a fan of, however, I bought it for a present.
There many shops for beach wear, that are pretty amazing.

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