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Happy New Year! I wish you had an amazing holiday. I certainly did 🙂

The travel industry is changing rapidly and knowing what to expect will help us organize the best trips on a good budget. What can we expect for the travel industry in 2019? released prediction and I will share the most important ones with you.

1. Thoughtful travel

This year people will travel to places where they express interest in social, political, environmental matter. Travelers will choose to go to places where they know about and they will set up their focus on safety.

2. Focus on experience

Travelers were focused a lot on experience in 2018, but experience will be a keyword for 2019. Actually 60% of the travelers values more experiences than material goodies. Travelers seek places where they can feel like children again and release the stress.

3. More weekend trips

There is the old dilemma, shell we keep our holiday allotment and use it for long holidays or shell we split our days and have long weekends but often. This year, the prediction is that travelers will use more long weekends in order to release stress. They will focus on making the trips personal and tailored specially for them. The prediction is that people will not compromise the good quality even for short stays.

4. “Easy” is the new keyword

“Easy” is the new standard for travelling. Think of key-less doors, tickets loaded on your phone, paperless confirmations, no need of printing anything. We heard the fuzz about AI (artificial intelligence), Virtual reality (VI) and the travel industry will work exactly in this direction to make our trips exra special and unique.

The travelers are interested in tracking their luggage in real time on their mobile, having only one app satisfying all their needs and plans for their whole trip. One third of the travelers would like to see virtual personal travel agent in their home.

People prefer experience over buying material stuff and the demand for high quality travel push the travel industry to develop, to make our trips easier, to offer more exotic choices and a lot of technological updates.

Pepijn Rijvers, Chief Marketing Officer at comments: “2019 is set to be an exciting year for travel. With technological advancements, an ever more connected world and a continuously growing consumer appetite for the best travel experiences, we’re poised for groundbreaking developments, taking travel to unexplored heights. With a mission to empower people to experience the world, learns and innovates continuously and we’ve never been more excited to be at the epicentre of thrilling industry.”

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