About me


For as long as I can remember I’ve been obsessed with the idea of traveling. I was always that person who was forever daydreaming of foreign lands and unfamiliar cultures; I consider travelling as one of the best life schools, which is bringing me practical experience, challenging my perceptions and help me gain a deeper understanding of the world. Every spare moment, I was reading encyclopaedias for foreign countries and continents,I was watching TV shows for people who decided to travel to exotic places or couples searching for apartments, when moving to new cities. Everything seemed so fascinating! Deep inside of me, I knew I would be one of those people one day.

When I was 18th years old, I went outside of my country for a first time and visited Greece. Even though is a neighbor country, I was so amazed of everything there. Then I continue travelling through the Balkans and when I was 21 years old, I took a decision to go for the first long trip on another continent – 5 months in the United States, New Jersey. I loved the experience! I loved going out of my comfort zone, and I advised you all, do it! Do it often and regularly. It made me feel like I can achieve anything by myself and reach every goal.

I worked in the States for the summer in 2011, and then I organized a trip for a month there. I saw places that I was only dreaming about… my biggest dream were Niagara falls! It was a breath-taking view, of the nature that made me feel so small. I felt truly blessed for seeing it.

I needed to see more, so the very next summer, I decided to go back, but this time in Florida – the sunshine state. I worked there 4 months and I traveled one. I saw the Atlantic ocean and the gulf of Mexico. I visit so beautiful cities and went through one of the most amazing and fun experiences in my life. I also experience many difficulties and also went through two hurricanes, city evacuation, tsunamis, 120 km/h wind and many other downs on the road of trying to organize so long trip to another continent on a budget.

Then I thought, travelling is really something that I enjoy so much, that i actually want to move out of my country. I needed to see more, I wanted to live abroad, talk another language, learn a new one, see new countries, experience different cultures.

In February, 2015 I landed in Schiphol airport, Holland for my very first time in the country, and I knew that I was going to stay there. I come here to study my second Master in University of Amsterdam. During my master, I met one of the most amazing friends I have, all of them from different countries. American, Greek, Dutch, German, Austrian, Turkish, polish, Estonian… and the list goes on to 40 countries. The good think was that our master program was in English and Amsterdam is one of the most expat friendly city that we did not needed dutch.

Before I graduate, I found a job in the biggest platform for accommodation – Booking.com. It made perfect sense for me to work there, since myself I love travelling! I am working for the company who gave people opportunity to travel and make their dream vacations come true. As an employee, I could use the travelling perks and organize more and more trips! I was travelling for 2 weeks, 1 weeks, long weekends, 2 days… every single month for the last two years. Yes, that`s right – every month. The last 2 years I spent at least 1 weekend in an accommodations. Then I realized, I managed to build a life I did not want to escape from.

I felt the need to share my experience, my ups and downs, because first, I am so passionate about travelling, that only social media like Facebook and Instagram are not enough for me. However, if you follow me there, you would feel like you are with me on the holiday. Secondly, i decided to make the blog because I think more people can benefit from my stories, tips and failures when I share it here. I am dedicated to share what I know and help you organize better your trips, comfortably on a budget. In this blog, you will not find tips for hostels, hitchhiking and backpackers. I am arranging my trips comfortably, but always on a budget.

Enjoy reading, an let me know if you have any questions, if you would like me to tell you something more, or you want to share your own experience! I always love talking for my trips, so be free to interact any moment!