12 tips from Booking.com employee to book your holiday as a pro

We all know that sometimes organizing a holiday can be a lot of pain and can cost fights and arguments within the family or friendship. I am constantly using the website and also saw many cases in which the process went wrong. As a pro in the Booking process, I made a list with tips which will help you book your dream property easily using Booking.com.

1. Refer a friend
With Booking.com you are able to earn money when referring a friend to book. You will receive a unique link which you need to share with your friend, and after their stay, you will get your reward. All you need to do is to save your credit card on your account, and the reward will be sent directly on the card.

There are some rules in order to receive the reward. For example, you can not refer yourself. Read more about it here: Refer a friend

2. Genius Booker discount

As a Genius Booker or in other words – loyal guest, you will receive 10% discount in the price of selected rooms in thousands of properties worldwide. My tip here is to use 1 account only while booking with Booking.com, because they count the number of bookings, and after the 5th one, you will become a Genius Booker automatically.


3. Use the filters
When you are searching for property on a specific location, dates, number of people etc. use the filters to sort the list with properties according to what else you would like to have in your booking. In case you want breakfast, parking, spa, apartment and many other things, just tick it and the website will show you only the properties that has it. It will save you so much time and make your life much easier. Since we are always trying to make the trip on a budget, you can hit “the lowest price first”.


4. Book according a specific landmark
Type a landmark you would like to be staying around and the website will show you the properties near by. If you like to be around Dam square (the main square in Amsterdam) you will see all the properties near by.


5. Using the map
If you click on the location of the property you will be able to see where it is located on the map. That option is very helpful in order to plan your stay and see where exactly the property is in the city and what you can visit around it.

6. Booking.com Customer Service number
Sometimes is hard to find the customer service numbers on different websites for a specific language, especially when you are in hurry and in difficult situation. Please understand that Customer Service is not able to override the conditions of the reservations and they are simply a mediator between you and the property. There are strict procedures for every single case you can think of, and when you call they know how to help the best way possible. Click the customer service help on the bottom of the page and then choose why you need to reach them. That will lead you to the list with languages of customer service.


7. Check the pictures of the room (not only the accommodation)
Many people check only the main pictures of the accommodation, but what is very important for you is to see how the room you are booking looks like. Simply click on the name of the room.

8. Check the fine print
Very important! In the fine print you will find the conditions that apply on property level – meaning for all the different rooms. There you can find security deposit information, payment required via bank transfer, and many other stuff.

fine print

9. Check the included/excluded taxes
Besides the amount that you see displayed in the table with different room types and policies, please check whether all taxes are included. MANY properties leave their taxes excluded for more attractive appearance, or country regulations or other things… so do not be surprised.


10. Difference between cancellation and deposit policy of the booking
The cancellation policy is quite different than the deposit policy. That is mostly important when you book a free cancellation reservation, but on the other hand a pre-payment is required. Do not worry, you will get your money back if you decide to cancel within the cancellation policy.

11. Make sure you arrive withing the check-in time
Do not assume that if you send a request to the property for arrival outside the check-in time, that is enough and they are aware. You need their conformation. They are allowed to cancel the booking, if you do not show up by the end of the check-in time.


12. Reviews
Of course, that is the biggest advantage of using Booking.com – you get to see what hundreds and thousands of people think about those properties and decide based trustworthy and transparent reviews.

Let me know if that helps you!
Thank you for visiting
till the next time


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