3 tips for the light and art lovers – Amsterdam light festival

The holidays are gone, and we still have the Christmas lights everywhere in the city (some of us have Christmas decoration hanged in our apartments still). I will share with you my experience with the light festival this year and will introduce it to the people who has not visited Amsterdam during the festival.

What is the light festival?

“The Illuminade” as they call it is a great symphony of light and art. If you are a lover of both, then this is “a must” place to see. I would not say that you have to definitely travel to see it, but if you are planning already to visit Amsterdam – definitely check it.

You will be able to see nearly 40 large-scale light installations situated on many places around one of the canals of Amsterdam. The winter days are very short, which means that you will be able to enjoy the festival from around 4 pm. You can take a tour (there is a free tour 90 min), take a boat, a bike or just walk.

Official website: Amsterdam Light Festival

Follow the red wire (on the right side of the pictures) spread though the whole canal and you will be able to see the art spots.

From a map of Amsterdam made of lights, “1 000 floating memories”, a t”time watch” on the canals to changing colors mold, you will immerse yourself in great art and existential topics.

When can you visit the light festival?
Every evening 30 Nov. 2017 – 21 January. 2018.

Last year I went on a boat with my team from Booking.com, and this year I decided to walk through the ring and see it first hand on the canals.

Tip 1. If you are choosing a boat over a walk tour, then choose an open boat. I know what you think, it is Amsterdam, it is winter, it is super cold. No, it is not that cold (as long as you choose not that windy day). Just put a warm hat, you will phave blankets on the boat, get some wine and just enjoy. The open boat tickets are around 24 EUR and the closed are around 18 EUR. But let me tell you, many of the art exponents on the festival are right above the boat roof, so you will not get the full experience of a closed boat.

Tip 2. If you decided t take a tour, definitely buy a book from the I Amsterdam Visitor Centre (just outside the Central Station, it is 5 Eur but it will give you brought explanation for the art you will see and what is behind it. What is art without a story after all. I managed to walk exactly half of the festival, however I was sopping for pictures every 2 min and for a warm drink, so it took me nearly 2,5 hrs to see only half.It should take you 90 min – 120 min. The route is not published online, but you can find it in the same book.

Tip 3. Perfect timing to go see it is a month before Christmas and after New Year. Before Christmas – because it gives you spirit but still not that crowded with tourists. And after New Year, it is a great walk after all the holidays and fireworks show.

Thank you for visiting,
till the next time


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