Christmas Spirit still on: 3 Reasons why you need to visit the Christmas markets in Haarlem and Leiden

How was Christmas for everyone?

Even though I was far away from home, I had one of the coziest Christmas Eves and Christmas nights, here in Amsterdam.

We gathered with my friends on Christmas Eve, followed all the Bulgarian-Christian traditions and exchanged presents of course. We waited so long for Christmas and it passed so quickly. If you think all is left now is waiting for New Year, I must say, here in Holland the Christmas spirit is still on and the Christmas markets are more crowded than ever.

I will share with you my experience with the Christmas markets in Leiden and Haarlem and why you definitely would need to visit this places for Christmas.

Christmas market in Haarlem

Haarlem is the capital of the province of North Holland, and it has one of the biggest Christmas markets I have ever seen.

Haarlem`s Christmas Market will really makes you fall into Christmas fairy tale, where all you  do is eat a lot of Christmas chocolate, drink Glühwein and shop until you drop 🙂 It takes around 10 min to reach it from Amsterdam central station and the ticket is just 3-4 EUR.

1. The market is in the hole city center, not only at one square
2. It has great chocolate section
3. Hand made products street
the market has great street with hand made products, clothes, Christmas unique decoration and house stuff.

Christmas Market Leiden

Firstly, if you come to Holland, you definitely need to visit the birthplace of Rembrandt – Leiden. Leiden is the cutest small city here but on the contrary – it has the second largest city center in Holland (after Amsterdam). This little adorable city + Christmas market would make you want to stay there for the whole holiday period.

Why you need to visit Leiden Christmas Market?

1. Most of the market is organized on the canal (Gracht). You will be walking on the water, literally 🙂 That is the reason also why it is so tiny but on the other hand makes it very cozy.

2. Ice ring. The market ends with amazing Ice Ring, where you can practice your skating skills.

3. Great shopping and good food. Leiden is famous with great restaurant, but also the Christmas market itself offers amazing variety of finger food. If you are a fan of snacking and drinking flue wine, that is the place + occasional shopping.

Thank you for visiting,
till the next time


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