Extensive guide: 3 full steps how to fall asleep on a plane

The people who travel very frequent know that it is quite a challenge to fall asleep during your flight. There is no problem if it is a short one – 1-2 hours, but in case it is longer, I am literally going crazy! I am running out of activities (and battery), there is no internet, (obviously we are going for a budget trip, so we are using the low cost flights) and I just want to relax for some time. Trying to fall asleep, but not managing can really create a headache. The buzzing sound of the machine, low space, baby crying somewhere, bad food and coffee, no internet and dimmed light making it painful to read a book… on top of that some turbulence that keeps our stress levels up and swallow feet due to decompression. I certainly prefer to fall asleep if I can. So I decided to research what can help me, speak with flight stuff and share what I found.

1. Before the flight

First get ready with proper clothes. I remember when I traveled to Thailand I decided for a first time to buy clothes specifically for the flight (since it was like 16 hrs. all together). Then I saw how much more comfortable I feel when I put my special fighting clothes. I have a black skinny shirt, and high waist very wide pants. They are both looking cool together and very comfy. We all know how our body swelling from the decompression, which means that we need comfy socks and shoes as well.

Second, get ready with a flight tool kit. Prepare a kit for your trips which will save you headache.

My kit includes:

Thirdly, make sure that you choose the seat next to the window. Not only that gives you nice view, but also it is the best place while trying to relax during flight. You all know all this budget friendly flights are very low on space, so this seat is the only one that can give you a little bit more comfortability.

2. During flight

Let’s try to make yourself feel like home, without bothering any other person.

I would recommend eating a snack. It is better to prefer it yourself or to buy it from somewhere before the flight. I find the food on the plane really terrible, dissatisfying and will certainty make u feel even more hungry.

We can take out our shoes, just make sure that does not bother anyone 🙂 even better suggestion: have a extra pack of socks with you for the flight. The last thing we want is to receive a complaint about a bad smell in from of at least 4-10 people.

Put the glasses on. 😀 This way you do not look chatty. At least this is how I avoid continuous conversations. There are many chatty passengers around, which is alright but not when we are trying to relax. The dark glasses will relax your eyes, and get you ready to fall asleep like you are at home with curtains down.

Get your spray out and without bothering the passenger around you, keep your face hydrated and clean. I get pimples when I travel with a plane, and the spray truly helped me.

3. Falling asleep.

As the flying stuff say, up in the clouds: “put your seat belt, sit back and relax”.
Do not worry if you get just few minutes of sleep, sometimes this is all we need. Do not push your eyes and whole body to fall asleep again, that leads only to headache. Make sure you have downloaded Netflix TV shows or Game of thrones, and if you run out of battery, that is the time to open the book. After a short nap, you brain is refreshed and you will enjoy it more + that is another reason to sit next to the window;)

I wish I could provide more pictures of me falling asleep, but they were always looking weird so you get the idea.

People think that travelling with a plane is just a regular way to move from one place to another, but I think it is related with a lot of stress, and it is much more uncomfortable comparing to other vehicles. It is the fastest though, but I think in order to enjoy it more we definitely need some good preparation.

Let me know if you like my guide or you have more ideas.

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Till the next time XXX


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