6 of the best places to eat in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is such a lively city where you can find all different cuisines on a great level. You can choose between hip places, terraces on the canals, cocktail bars on rooftops, Michelin star restaurants, basically everything you want. I will share with you my top 6 places, that are at good prices. My list includes both – meat lovers and my vegan foodies. Do not be surprised that all of them are foreign cuisine… there is not really a Dutch typical food.

1. Bazaar
Bazaar is an Eastern fairy tale 🙂 It is basically a re-done church! It is very vivid, authentic place with fabulous chandeliers, exotic music, hand painted wall decoration, an enormous menu from far East and North Africa. It is at a great location in the heart of the city, next to Albert Cuyp and what I will recommend you to try is: `Dàndè, grilled mildly marinated veal spareribs (± 700gr.) with barbecue sauce, fried potatoes and lawash` Price – 15,90 EUR. For a dessert, I can recommend you the most amazing cheesecake I have ever tried with… DATES! Yes, cheesecake with dates! The baklava is also very good, and nearly the same as if you eat it in Turkey. I definitely recommend this place – unique atmosphere and great authentic food!

2. Cafe de Klos
I heard many stories that people come to Amsterdam only to eat in Cafe de Klos. I can see why! If you are a meat lover – they have the most amazing recipe for spare ribs, developed for many years. The atmosphere is friendly and lively, the portions are enormous and cocked really delicious. The waiting time for Cafe de Klos is around 45 min, so they re-direct you to their bar across the street and then a waiter come to pick you up from the bar when your table is ready. I recommend the smoked ribs, a buttery baked-jacket potato, and a small salad. The lady’s ribs are more than enough for 1 person. You will speed around 22 EUR with one beer per person.

3. Los Pilones Cantina Mexico
Mexican food, in a cozy small place and if the weather is good you can also sit outside and have the nice view of Nieuwmarkt. I would recommend you to take a Mexican beer, Nachos (around 10 EUR), enchiladas (17,70EUR) or Quesadillas (9,70 EUR).

4. Tia Rosa
Tia Rosa is a more classy place with amazing service and great quality of the food. That is a Spanish tapas restaurant so you will need to order around 3 dishes per person since they are very small. If you are sharing with someone, you will be able to taste around 6 dishes. I would recommend: patatas bravas (5,50 EUR), two grilled seasoned hamburgers (8 EUR, they are amazing), caramelized chicken (9,50 EUR), and if you go with fish options: pastry with salmon and cream cheese (12,20 EUR), fried calamari (8,25 EUR) and king prawns (14,75 EUR). The wine is great and the atmosphere just makes you stay longer and order more, I recommend Tia Rosa for a date night 🙂

5. Toastable
This is one great place for breakfast, very small and cosy, perfect for morning coffee, juice and amazing toasty. Toastable have great varieties of toasties at very good prices. Sometimes I bring my laptop there and research stuff for my blog. They are famous with their triple-layered toasties but if you are a fan of croissant, they have delicious `crostini` with ham and cheese. I would recommend triple layered toasty Double cheese(order it with tomato) (5,00 EUR).

6. Mr and Mrs Watson
That is a vegan restaurant with a great look and delicious menu. Mr and Mrs Watson certainly managed to make the vegan food more attractive and accessible. It is a newly opened restaurant, which is quickly getting popularity in the city and it is always full. The cheese platter is great (made of nuts paste) and I would definitely recommend you the eggplant waffles. Main dish – I recommend you the lasagna, made of zucchini, sweet potatoes, many other vegetables with aioli. It is very delicious and filling. The dessert was one of the best tiramisu I have ever tried! It is worth trying it. The dinner there (with a glass of wine) will cost around 35 EUR.

I have many more places I would like to share with you and I will prepare more posts for food in Amsterdam very soon!

One important thing: The service in Holland is not always great. Many times you need to wait a long time for your food and it is normal if they take someone else`s order before yours who actually arrived after you. Just be patient 🙂

Thank you for visiting,
till the next time!


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