5 tips to help you feel luxurious in Monaco, without spending a fortune?

I shared my insights for the French Riviera, where I told you it is not famous for budget-friendly places. Well, Monaco is one step up the scale of luxury! I would simply say – it is not cheap there, guys!

However, I have for you a plan for a daily trip to Monaco which is at a reasonable price and absolutely affordable.

How would you travel to Monaco?

I was staying in Nice, France, as I shared with you last time and I simply took the train, 20 min and 7,50 return ticket. You will be thrilled to see the stunning view from the train and you won`t feel how time will pass. Well probably is more comfortable to take a helicopter but that would be around 200 EUR, so let`s skip it.

Would you sleep there?

Absolutely not! First of all, and obvious – it is very expensive! When I was checking the prices 1 night was over 1000 EUR and second – the quality of these accommodations was not great at all (everything checked via Booking.com). I would suggest you to stay in Nice or in one of the great villages around.

What would you do on your daily trip to Monaco without spending a fortune?

1st Walk around the famous Hercules harbour
You will be able to see absolutely amazing yachts (that I had never seen before), 2,3 or 7 floors high. They were more luxurious than a hotel, better than which so ever accommodation. They were just staying there, shiny and fabulous, ready to be rented for a day or few hours.

BTW the first moment I stepped there I met Novak Djokovic, so look around while you are walking, you might see some celebrities near you.

2nd Visit the Oceanographic Museum in Monaco
The aquarium is a very famous attraction in Monte Carlo that you cannot miss. There are fish and corals from all around the world. What impressed me the most were all different kinds of poisonous fish. You will be able to see piranhas and small sharks as well, octopus and many small beautiful fish. It is definitely worth to see. Ticket price – 11 EUR (via Booking.com voucher, but you can buy a combo ticket directly there 19 EUR and visit the palace as well).

3th Drink champagne and prosecco from Monte Carlo
This city is the place to drink champagne! You have to start with a glass of their prosecco (choose the one from Monte Carlo). It is around 6 EUR glass and then you can try champagne (starting at 10 EUR per glass).

4th Visit the fabulous casino Monte Carlo
You can`t go to Monaco, and not visit the casino! It was so absolutely fascinating, that I struggle even to describe it. The parking is full with Bugatti, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Porsche… Mercedes or BMW is somehow paled and insignificant on that overview. You can enter the casino for free, however, there is a dress code. Be smart and avoid casual outfit.

When you enter the Casino, you have a gallery at first. Amazing paintings, statues, every corner and details of the casino is a piece of art! You can take pictures everywhere but in the gaming room with tables and slots. Then you have a restaurant. I did not like the setting or the view that much and I certainly was not eager to spend over 100 EUR to have a drink and snack there. Then you have the room with slots. At the end of the left wing of the casino, you have the gaming room, where you would need evening dress, high heels and smart outfit for the guys as well + a ticket to enter.

5th Boat trip in Monte Carlo
The boat trip in Monte Carlo is a touristic attraction but who cares… it gives you stunning view of the harbor. It cost only 10 EUR and it is 45 min.

If you do all that, I guarantee you that you will be extremely exhausted. However, if you have extra energy I would recommend you:

6th Visiting café de Paris, trying their famous brilliant ice-cream. This place will give you great overview towards the casino, it is very cosy and welcoming (I would add overpriced, however in Monaco that applies to everything).

7th Visiting the Prince`s Palace
The palace itself is very plain on the outside but just gorgeous inside with its Renaissance frescoes and paintings as well as architecture. The views from gardens are awesome. The old town is in front of the palace, where you can find souvenirs and food.

8th Taking a train around the city
It is touristic but saving energy when going around the most famous parts of the city. – 15 EUR.

Some extra information: Monaco is situated on hills so going first around the whole harbor then going up the hill for the Oceanographic museum will take some time and will definitely get you exhausted. Combine the Oceanographic museum, the palace and drinking champagne/prosecco because they are on 1 hill and then go down and head towards the other hill where the casino and cafe de Paris are.

What about having dinner with a view over Hercules harbour? – pasta would cost around 25-30 EUR, starters are about the same. I would not go over the meat and fish section (100 EUR and more). More reasonable prices you can find near bin the old town, near by the Oceanographic Museum. They have tiny colourful streets with many souvenir shops around.

Thank you for visiting,
till next time


4 thoughts on “5 tips to help you feel luxurious in Monaco, without spending a fortune?”

    1. Yes, it is! Every house, every corner, ever building is a piece of art! It is truly amazing there and it is super hard to select few pictures for post! You can make so many beautiful pictures there!


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