8 things for budget friendly trip to Nice, France

Warning! South of France is not famous for cheap resorts and budget-friendly places. However, you can definitely organize a budget trip to Nice without compromising the quality of your vacation.

1. Flight tickets & accommodation

My flight tickets cost 66 EUR from Amsterdam and the accommodation 120 EUR per person, double room via Booking.com. This made my trip already on a budget! Reasonable flight tickets are up to 120-150 EUR to Nice. And of course, avoid the peak season (July – August) when it is very expensive to fly there and also very crowded. The airport is very accessible to the city, only 6 km away, 6 EUR bus ticket.

Important to mention: usually my flights with Transavia go smoothly. However this time, my return flight (Nice-Amsterdam) got canceled due to strikes and I ended up paying 207 EUR for a new flight. If you want to avoid this situation, maybe you should consider having a travel insurance.

2. Visit Villa Massena.

I always like to visit house museums in different countries which gives me a great idea of the wealthy life of the locals back in centuries. This one is more of a museum than a house. Mostly you will be able to see the amazing paintings of Nice, uniforms, swords, jewels, and photographs, enough to keep you interested for an hour or more.

If you have a student card – the entrance is 6 EUR, otherwise, it is 10 EUR. The good thing is that you enter many other museums with this ticket in the next 24 hours.

3. Visit MAMAC museum

As it was rainy, we decided to make use of the ticket we already bought. I must say that MAMAC museum is not for everyone – It is a modern museum and I must admit that many times I needed a description of the exponents I was looking at. I almost got a fine for touching a blue square filled in with some kind of sand. Well, at the end I got out of it, but bottom line – do not touch anything there 🙂

Something you don`t want to miss in MAMAC museum is the amazing city view on the rooftop terrace!

Since you can use the same ticket for other museums, I recommend also visiting the Archaeological Museum. It will give you great insights of the city.

4. Visit Cours Saleya Market in the Old Town

Nice has many markets, but this one is the most popular. The prices for food there are very reasonable. My advice to you is to focus on different types of authentic French quiche and Mediterranean fresh fish. They have many sandwiches, and baked stuff, however as a person who is very picky to sandwiches, I would say – focus on the quiche! Try also their figs. You can buy around 10 for 3 EUR and they are really delicious.

Other stuff you can have a look on the market are soups, flowers, antiques, collectibles and fascinating French bric-a-brac.

5. Visit The Nice Chateau/Castle Hill

There is no castle there, but a hill that can give you a lifetime memorable view. There are ancient ruins that are the only left signs from the conquered castle a long time ago. If you want a breathtaking view from Nice – here is the place.

6. Beach time

You can visit the beach in Nice, however, take care because it is a very rocky beach. You will need special shoes and mat. If you are like me and you love the sandy beaches – then take the train, 2 stops away in direction Monaco and you will find a beautiful sandy beach. The train will cost only 3,50 return ticket.

7. Try the street food from the old town

I tried the restaurants, I tried bars but yet my favorite was the street food at the end of the old town. What I tried was stuffed vegetables with minced meat and cheese, fried sardines in a dough, quiche with spinach. In the restaurants, I tried mussels, two different types of pasta and gnocchi with Gorgonzola, grilled veggies, and chicken.

8. Take the train around the city

If you are tired walking, the little train will give you great views around the old town of Nice. It may be is touristic but it will save you time and orientate you in the old town. The ride is 45 min, and it cost 10 EUR. Furthermore, you can make amazing photos on the way, since it is not moving that fast anyway.

What I did not like?

Nice is famous for its ice cream. Honestly, the queue for ice cream was 20 min long and there were so many different types of ice cream, that I became 100 times hungrier. However, I tasted 3 types and my friend`s one. I did not like any of them so much that I will recommend it to anyone, or I will pay again for that. To be fair, I am very picky on ice cream. My all-time favorite ice cream is Raffy (that I can find in Bulgaria) and one Italian brand (tried in Venice, at the train station) but I can`t recall the name now.

That was my Nice story 🙂 Let me know if you visited Nice and whether my tips were helpful. Follow these tips and you will have enough things to do for 3 days in Nice.

Thank you for visiting,
till next time 🙂


4 thoughts on “8 things for budget friendly trip to Nice, France”

  1. Thanks for sharing those tips! Nice is always considered such an expensive place and it is good to know that you can also have some budget options! Planning to go there in the next months so your article was the right inspiration!


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