6 reasons why I choose to spend my money on traveling, not on things

We all have so many bills to pay: rent, phone, health insurance, gym, and the list goes on. After you pay all of these bills, where do you invest the rest of your money? Would you choose expensive clothes or jewelry than a long weekend in France?

The excitement of buying new things is there only at first. After a very short time, it`s gone and you consider those things old already and you want to buy more. The shopping therapy will not be enough to keep you excited, relaxed or to make your self-esteem levels higher for the whole month unless you are buying all the time.

Here is why I choose to invest my money in traveling, not in buying stuff:

Relax. Vacations are not always relaxing as most of us are familiar. The saying “I need a vacation from this vacation” is totally applicable for many of my holidays. However, what I mean here is that your mind relaxes from the routine. You can`t reach this feeling with buying new stuff (not for a long time). Beautiful views, nature and new cities clear your mind of all the pressure, it takes you out of the rut.

Keep your self-esteem up. It is quite important for us to feel good and confident about ourselves. Usually, our self-esteem is built on positive experience with ourselves. Traveling to new places, learning new facts about new cultures, meeting new people will broaden our horizon. This whole new experience will boost your self-esteem as you learn new things that enrich your mind and because you gain a positive experience with yourselve.

Gets you excited. I like to say that my favorite emails are flight confirmations. When I make a reservation for an accommodation, I feel like a little kid going to Disneyland! I can’t help it, I just get this amazing high when I get on a plane (I know that can sound a little weird, but it is true). I need something to look for and hold on to while dealing with annoying daily problems. Honestly, how often would you say: it so difficult now, I feel so overwhelmed, have so many tasks at work, but it would be all good… once I buy this sweater at the end of the month 🙂


On the other hand, traveling brings you to meet a lot of people. Most of them are tourists like you that are coming to enjoy, laugh, have fun and just relax. You know those people that are just happy? You can meet many of them traveling. Be around to those people, hung out with them, exchange your contacts. Interacting with happy people on high energy levels, bring your energy levels up as well.

These memories last lifetime. It is undeniable fact! We do make memories that brighten our lives in a difficult moment, that can cheer us up and when we grow old, we would not sit and wonder: what if. We are truly rich with what we have in our minds and no one can steal from us those experiences.

While I was in the States, I was trying to save up some money during the summer, but one part was always spent by default for my trips. I probably spent like ½ or ⅓ on that, and while I saw some people working all the summer and going home straight after they finish, I felt proud that I spent this money on travelling, especially now that I can hardly remember how much I earn, what I spent and what I did with the rest…

You see, at this moment, years later – memories is all that matters.


Makes you an interesting person (turns you into a storyteller. How much of a boring story will be, if we do not travel and we speak only about the things we buy? Your trips can always be an opening topic or an interesting point you want to add.

You can try different cuisine. Some people will say that it is easy to try different cuisines even in your own country. However, you know… when the products are not local when it is not done exactly the correct way when the spices are even slightly different – it is just not the same! Let`s face it – you have to try the local thai food, the local spanish food, french, bulgarian – then you can truly enjoy it and say what your impression is.

For me traveling is very important part of my life. I believe we have to practice the hobbies that we love. My two favourite hobbies, that makes me happy are: traveling and writing. Not practicing them will make me lose my spirit and fall down. I believe that practicing what we love, brings our vibration high, makes us happy and full of love, put a smile on our faces. Be one of those people, who walks on the streets with a silly smile, consumed of the plans for their next trip. And I am pretty sure this smile won’t be there because of the plans to buy a new sweater.


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Till the next time


2 thoughts on “6 reasons why I choose to spend my money on traveling, not on things”

  1. Traveling transforms us into storyteller, so true. Memories. Excitement. Adventure. So much to tell about our travels.
    Enjoyed your impressive post with beautiful photos.


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