You want a brake of the beach destinations? Visit the spectacular Lake Como in Italy

Guys, we all know where we are heading usually in the peak of the summer. I chose 3 times beach vacations for this year as well! However, if you want to see something different than a beach destination, I have a suggestion for you – Lake Como, Italy.

That is the pearl of North Italy, and I definitely recommend you to check why this is one of the most famous lakes in the country. I will share with you my 3 things that impressed me the most, during my vacation there and then I will share the activities I have done there also what I did not like so it can help you organize an incredible trip there.

Firstly, let me tell you, that this is another destination of my list that you can easily reach on a good budget.

How to get there? If you are taking a flight – the nearest airport is Milan, where we landed. Then we rented a car and drove to the lake (that is how you can also see all the little places around the whole Lake.) In case you do not want to rent a car, you can easily take the train from Milan and it will take you around 40 min or the direct buses from Bergamo airport to one of the towns around the lake.

Next, I want to share my tips for organizing a better trip, than mine and my 3 reasons to choose exactly this destination:

1. The magnificent views that you will never forget

It is simply not possible and never enough to RECORD with a camera or phone all the beauty that Lake Como has to offer. This place is like taken from one of those cheesy romantic movies that we`ve been watching when we were young, where two girls go on holiday and randomly bumped into the love of their lives. And of course, the view, the food, the smell of cheese, sunset walks and a romantic boat trip are making all that possible.

If you do not want to miss any of those spectacular, cute romantic views, follow the list of places I visit and activities I did and you won`t make a mistake. Here is the list of activities I and my friends decided to do there:

Checking the cute small towns around the whole Lake:
Ice Cream Party

Enjoying the views and taking photos of the breathtaking views is only one part of what you are going to during your visit at Como. We had sunny days where we managed to drive through the small towns along the lake (the plus of having a car). However, we had some rainy days and rainy days and that was not a problem as we managed to hide from the heavy rain of the mountains into the museums and historical churches.

Visiting the Museo della Fine della Guerra in Dongo

This museum is not strong on artifacts, however, is beautifully designed. What you can see there is old newspapers, automatic riffle, and videos, showing the closing period of World War II. Something that will make you remember this museum is that this is the place where they captured Mussolini

Visiting Villa Carlotta in Loc. Tremezzo, Como

You can spend around 1,5 hours here, enjoying the beautiful interior of Villa Carlotta and its amazing garden. There are many flowers here, and the perfect timing to visit is spring or early summer.
You can find masterpieces on the first floor of the villa from the 18th century and the second was bought of Princess Marianne of the Netherlands as a wedding present for her daughter Carlotta. There you can have a look at the furniture.

It is a beautiful place, and you won`t regret visiting.

Boat trip

The best option for a boat trip is the public ferry. You can make a daily trip to another town with the ferry and enjoy the nicest views from thw water. You can check some routes here.

The `plus` is that you can take your car as well!

Visiting Piona Abbey

The route to the Abbey is very picturesque and the views of Lake Como are spectacular. It is very beautiful inside, Gothic style with the wonderful cloister. The small park with olive trees makes it very relaxing. There is a small gallery and in the Abbey’s you can buy good wine, liqueurs, honey, candies, health products, jams made by the monks in the monastery.

It is a great experience and I definitely recommend you to visit it. Just take care to put a longer skirt. I was wearing a short dress, and I was not allowed to stay even in the shops for a long time.

Beach day at Lecco

The last day we decided that we are going to spend on the beach. We found a place where it has a swimming pool, but also a beach near the lake. I actually went swimming in the Lake, even though it was a little cold. That was my first swim in a Lake and it is much different than sea or ocean. You definitely should try swimming in Lake Como. The water is clean and not extremely cold. And, of course, we had a gorgeous view. One thing that was missing – any type of Frappuccino, or cold summer cocktail that I am used to drink on the beach… not that much of a deal, but I felt like saying it.

There are many swimming pools around the Lake, just pick one and spend a day on the beach.

2. Here is where the fashion matters

Every country has its own style and way of wearing clothes. Depending on the place, people can be more pretentious with the fashion trends or more casual. In some places high heels, smoked eye make up and hair pulled up during the day, is unlikely to be seen, unless very special occasion. When in other places, you can meet people walking around, drinking coffee, and snacking in this outfit. Well, Lake Como is happiness for the eye of the fashion enthusiasts. I saw well dressed ladies, with nicely done make up, hair and overall their style was very fashionable. If you are one of those people, who like to dress up nicely on a holiday (not only comfortable), you can certainly do it in Lake Como. That does not mean that you would feel uncomfortable in case you choose very casual style. We are tourists after all, and Como has many of us. I do not have pictures for this reason of mine, but I guess you get the idea.

3. In case you want to run into a celebrity – here is the place

May be it is not a secret for you guys, that many celebrities choose to buy a house exactly there, because of the astonishing view. Some of the famous people who you can meet there are: George Clooney, Madonna, John Kerry, Sylvester Stallone, Ronaldinho, Richard Branson, Gianni, Versace, Matthew Bellamy. They do choose this Lake for a reason!

And lastly – what we did not like and what you can do better than us:

The truth is, that we did not like the food there. But I have to admit, that we had really bad luck with finding available good restaurants. Like I told you before, our group love to check restaurants and start planning the lunch and dinners hours before we go, and we almost always use tripadvisor. Now, what we did not know is that we either have to go to those places earlier or to make a reservation. We thought we can simply go at the restaurant, wait a bit and get a table (like in Amsterdam, when we do not have a reservation). It turns out that we have to make a reservation up front, which for us was always, hard because we were around the Lake all day and it was hard to decide which place, we are going to visit next. My advice is: ask the locals, ask tripadvisor and make a reservation at lunch for the dinner! That will save you not only time, but dissatisfaction of your spent money for low quality food on a touristic restaurant.

Those were my tips, and impressions of the amazing Lake Como. If I can, I would definitely visit it again. I love mountains and lakes, it is totally different experience then sea or ocean vacation and it will definitely recharge you so you are ready to go back to work.

Thank you for visiting and
till next time


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