10 reasons to drop whatever you do now and go to Spain

Guys, in my first post, I want to share with you my favourite destination of all times – Spain. I have been to the States, Asia, all around Europe, however Spain has a special place in my heart. I am so passionate for Spain, that I choose to go there at least 2 times a year. I have been to Barcelona 2 times, and I am planning to take my mother there so I can visit a third time. I have been also to: Alicante, Valencia, Teulada, Palma de MaIIorca and many more small towns around.  It is absolutely amazing, cosy, relaxing, and fun. I want to share my overall experience for Spain, so you can enjoy it the same way or even more.

Here is why you need to drop everything you are doing now and book your trip to Spain. You won`t regret it!

1) Spain is absolutely affordable destination
The flight tickets for Spain are relatively cheap, especially if you choose the right moment to go. My tickets to Barcelona in last November costed 90 EUR, in June they costed 120 EUR, but I have seen them for 70 EUR in September. Palma varies around 100 EUR for the summer. The best moment to go is April, September-November if you want to avoid the crowds and save some money. I visited Alicante and few other cities for 150 EUR ticket in June, and that was actually a good price, considering the fact that the season did not start yet and for a beach vacation I spent so little.

2) Spain has stunning mountains.

Since I am coming from a country with high mountains, and I love-loove them, the mountain view gives me peace like nothing else. If you are like me and in need of mountain – you can have it in Spain. You have calmness of the nature, you will feel the ease of the mountain view and you can truly find peace of mind.

3) Spanish food is heavenly good
Since I am a real foody person, for me one of the reasons to visit a country is its cuisine. My travel group is as well foody and peaky when it comes to restaurants. We spent hours to pick the right place to eat, and hours of discussing the food that was served. We won`t change the topic until we go through every dish on the table and the dessert. Yep, we enjoy it until the last bite. And if we find that the dish is not good, then we are going to discover why and what we would change to make it perfect. The Spanish food is amazing. You should try: empanadas, (that I discover on my third visit to Spain. So find a good place in whatever Spanish city you go, and target that dish), gazpacho, tortilla, all the sea food, don`t get me even started there, of course buy some chorizo, and order patatas bravas to start your dinner. We had a huge discussion whether chorizo is a type of salami, or they are totally different and incomparable, which did not lead to any concrete conclusion, however it made me focus more on eating chorizo and buying it for home. Well if you know the answer of that discussion, please feel free to help us close it.

4) Sangria ladies and gentleman
I am a person who enjoys cocktails, especially in the summer. What is a beach vacation, without a fresh, summer, fruit, wine cocktail? Please don’t hesitate to take sangria, and do not be modest to take only one glass. If you are in a group with friends, go for the 1-2 liters, because it is going ridiculously fast in a nice, warm evening, while snacking calmarie, squied, or patatas bravas. Furthermore, we found amazing strawberry mojito in Spain. What I tried before was very light on alcohol, nice mojito cocktails, but in Spain, the strawberry mojitos rocks. If you want to go for wine – La Rioja region makes one of the best wines in the world. So go ahead, and try some Spanish wine.

5) Amazing cathedrals
Spain is full of cathedrals. From the breath-taking masterpiece of Gaudi – La Sagrada Familia to the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, a place of international pilgrimade.

6) Hidden beaches with turquoise blue water
I visited many places with beaches literally looking like a post card (Thailand, Mexican gulf), however the beaches I visited in Spain have the cleanest, transparent, turquoise blue water I have ever seen. It is just leaving you speechless, and giving you inside peace.

7) You get free snack when you order a drink
I am coming from a country where when you order a drink this is all you get. Spain is something else. Receiving a tasty snack with you drink is a a time-honoured tradition in Spain, mostly in the smaller cities.

I feel like I should make a whole new section for paella, because OMG it is amazing. They have so many varieties of paella, and they are all worth trying. I am just going to mention my favorite one – sea food paella. Please try it at least once, at a good, well known place for paella, not a touristic one and you will be amazed. They usually served it at least for two people, however once you tasted it, you would want a double portion of it.

9) They use flowers as a fence…
The decoration of their houses made me think where I want to buy a house. I live now in The Netherlands, and I would love to buy a house there, however once I saw the Spanish houses in their small cities… well it is just so cute that I want to live there. I think at one stage of my life, I will just relocate to Spain, get a house like that and arrange a beautiful garden like theirs. For now, all we can do is to take a lot of photos with their amazing house decorations.

10) Weather in Spain
If you live in a colder and rainy country like me, then Spain is a great choice, because the weather is nice until late November, and it gets warm enough for the beach already in May-June. If you choose to go to the Cannary islands (where surely I will go soon), you can even choose to go later in the year and still enjoy the sunny beach weather.
If you live in a warm country, like where I am from (Bulgaria), then I can tell you that the temperature in the pick season is perfect for the beach – around 30, and the rest of the year it wold be always a good choice to visit, because it would be warm, not windy, and not rainy – perfect weather for holiday.

In one of my next articles I will tell you more specifically for my trips to Barcelona, Alicante, Valencia, Teulada, Palma de MaIIorca and all beautiful places I have been to in Spain, so it can help you plan your vacation in Spain better and comfortable on budget like I did.

Till next time


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